Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hearty congratulations are due to Toby Mundy at Atlantic Books (publishers of my forthcoming popular science book). At the British Book Awards, Toby and Atlantic were awarded the "Imprint and Editor of the Year" Nibbie.


Zelah said...

What is your 'popular science' book about?

Martyn Amos said...

Its draft title is "Gene Machines" - it's a "biography" of the field of molecular and cellular computing, written from the perspective of someone who was one of the early researchers in the field (I was awarded the first ever DNA computing Ph.D.)


Zelah said...

Another Question,

You said that you had gone to an annual conference and that you would provide commentary.

Why have you changed your mind?

Too technical?

Martyn Amos said...

Sorry, no, just pressure of work. The workshop website, including all of the position papers, is here.

Zelah said...



An amateur mathematician.