Monday, January 23, 2006

"Watt's in a name"

As a proud alumnus of both the Universities of Coventry (B.Sc.) and Warwick (Ph.D.), I was mildly amused by this article on the difficulties of naming places of higher education.

When I was at Warwick, every year we would we hear stories of Ph.D. students applying from overseas (who hadn't visited the campus prior to accepting their place) inadvertently snapping up hideously expensive flats in the centre of Warwick, only to arrive and find that they were miles from campus and paying roughly triple the price of an equivalent place in Coventry. I think, in the end, the University had to put a warning note in its promotional literature, as it was beginning to get rather embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

What luck, I come from China to Warwick to do my research MSc. It was very hard to understand what coventary was until I arrived. It next to it.

I live in place next to university it was quite. Taughting was good.