Monday, October 02, 2006

Degrees of separation

I like to keep a log of how many people visit this blog, along with information on whether or not they are return visitors, and so on (this is purely for my own use, and all logs are anonymous). It's also interesting to see which sites led visitors to my own, the main two being Richard Jones' Soft Machines and Doug Natelson's nanoscale views.

It's also possible to see the search engine keyword combinations that led visitors to my blog, and this is where the data throw up...wierd stuff. The top few combinations are completely understandable:

17.39% erich kofmel
13.04% martyn amos
8.70% dreamlines

The first refers to my recent post on Erich Kofmel and his shenanigans, the second - obviously - is me, and the third keyword refers to a post I made ages ago on Dreamlines, a nice little image generation website.

However, further down the list we find the following:

4.35% daughter vs mother armwrestling


Thankfully, the Google pointer originates from a "spam comment" on an earlier post, and not from anything that I posted myself...

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