Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Going back to my roots

I'll be returning to my home city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne next Wednesday (December 6th) to take part in an event organised by The Great Debate. I'll be discussing the topic of Reprogramming Life with Prof. John Burn of the Institute of Human Genetics and Caspar Hewett, the organiser of TGD. Audience participation is welcomed (and, indeed, necessary) at such events, so please come down and take part (if you need an extra incentive, Toby Mundy, my publisher at Atlantic, has very kindly stumped up some cash for a drinks reception afterwards!)

The event starts at 7pm, and further details are available here.

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Zelah said...

Hi Mr Amos,

I have been reading your book, and have a few questions.....

You have of alot of biographies in your book. For the record you seemed to have missed out Norbert Wiener, Gabor, (Hologram and Transform fame), Danny Hillis, and not least yourself! (Just kidding!)

Apart from the above, after page 120 or so, it has been the most illuminating insight into what REAL nanotech is all about! Congratulations on a timely addition to the Nanoworld.

I just go and get some vodka...