Sunday, April 01, 2007

"From Rive Gauche to Rochdale..."

...was Justine's remark yesterday, as we drove home through that northern town after a wonderful week in Paris. We visited Dennis Shasha and his family, as he's there on sabbatical from New York University and kindly invited us over. Justine and Alice took in the sights while Dennis and I got down to some work.

We stayed in a marvellous little hotel, just around the corner from the Eglise Saint-Sulpice (which featured as a central location in The Da Vinci Code).

Wednesday was spent walking and talking with Dennis, bouncing around ideas about biocomputing. His wife, Karen, kindly took time out to show Justine and Alice around the Jardin du Luxembourg. Thursday was spend working while Justine wandered up to the Louvre, before we had dinner with the Shashas. We wrapped up on Friday morning, then Justine and I took some time out to revisit Monmartre, where we honeymooned three years ago.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Dennis and his family; both he and his wife are prodigiously talented, Dennis as a scientist, writer and (as Alice was delighted to discover) juggler, and Karen as an artist (and cook!), and we much appreciated their hospitality. Dennis and I are currently working on the draft paper that emerged from our discussions, which will hopefully appear as a preprint in the next few weeks - watch this space.

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