Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spiked innovation survey

I was recently asked to contribute to the annual innovation survey from spiked. There appear to be many interpretations of the term "innovation", but notable entries (from my own perspective) include those by Scott Aaronson, Paul Rothemund and Jeffrey Shallit.

Here's the blurb from the spiked website:

"The internet, the alphabet, the discovery of nuclear fusion, x-rays, the brick, rockets, the eraser: all of these have been identified as the greatest innovations in history in a new survey.

Over 100 key thinkers and experts from the fields of science, technology and medicine - including six Nobel laureates - participated in the brand new spiked/Pfizer survey 'What's the Greatest Innovation?', which goes live on spiked today.

In his introduction to the survey, spiked's editor-at-large Mick Hume says: 'Some choose "sexy" looking innovations, others apologise for the apparent dullness of their arcane choices. But whatever the appearances, almost all of our respondents exude a sense of certainty about the improvement that innovations in their field are making to our world, and the potential for more of the same."

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