Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sex with robots

One of the sure signs of impending middle age, especially in a university town, is when people stop handing you flyers. There was a time not so long ago when I could nip out of the office for a sandwich and come back burdened with glossy adverts for progressive house, 2-for-1 vodka shots and foam. But no longer. Now, the bright young things actively avoid me as my thirty-something, corduroy-clad figure shambles into view. The kinder ones simply pretend not to see me.

So imagine my delight when, walking down Oxford Road this afternoon after picking up some grapes, I was handed a flyer. And one offering sex with robots, to boot! Impressed by the targeted precision of whoever was marketing such an opportunity, I was about to kick my heels when I realised that it was actually advertising a club night in Manchester. Now, as a long-time veteran of nights such as House of God and Voodoo, I might have been interested...ooh, ten years ago, but with a responsible job and a young daughter, "'avin it large" now means having that third shot of espresso in my cappucino.

Which is a really cheap and tenuous way of introducing a new play that I think you should go and see. Involution is by a new author, Rachel Welch, and deals with many urgent contemporary themes, such as genetic engineering, religion and the human self-image. One of the plot threads concerns "cybernetic companionship", so I'll leave it to you to make the link...

Alfie Talman, a member of the production team and cast (and, coincidentally, a fellow Ipswich fan) enjoyed Genesis Machines, and thought I might be interested in the play. It's on from February 21st to March 15th at the Pacific Playhouse in London, and there are more details here (and here).


Martyn Amos said...

Now with correct link goodness.

Martin said...

Well done on having El Club Dumas in your library, and hope you are well. - Martin Williams, a drinking pal of yours in the old Cambo in Liverpool.