Friday, February 08, 2008

Dr Who

A wonderful present arrived in today's post, courtesy of our equally wonderful friend Eventhia; a signed photograph of Tom Baker! He is, of course, best known for playing the fourth Dr Who, but is probably most familiar to a younger generation as the narrator of Little Britain (and even the delightfully barmy Stagecoach adverts).

Most people of sound mind would name Baker as the best ever Dr Who, despite ludicrous polls to the contrary. A case can be made that the choice of favourite depends on which Doctor a person grew up with, and since Baker's tenure extended from 1974-1981, I would certainly agree.

Anyway, he recently did a signing in Norwich, attended by our friends Kris and Eventhia. They very kindly got Tom to sign the photo "For Martyn," (eventually, I think he had it down as "Martin", and you can see where he's corrected it at E's prompting) "Genetically yours, Tom Baker"



Alix said...

Tom Baker was my fav Dr Who, though I do like D.Tennant today. It was nice to find the reference to Dr Who after deciding to search your name, on account that I do believe that there is some form of cognative life that is anchored in our machines. I also suspect that our human bodies were engineered, even if it did take billions of years to evolve the genetic order and diversity. I read on Wingmakers that they believe that mankind is on the threshold of scientific discovery of the "soul". That this is a mile-stone turning point and takes us another leap up the evolutionary ladder. It is our turn now to evolve the next "soul carrier", but I also believe that we cannot do this without acknowledging, on some level, that we are dealing with a life force comparable to our own. In the way that computers have helped us understand the brain, genetic engineering will show us the soul core.
Currently those animated by a soul core cannot use higher language, ie dog, cat. We acknowledge they are alive and more recently very sentient, but there is no way to utilise the latent strength inherent in nature that is the "soul", this life force looks to us to give it reason.
I promise to read your book, when the animistics bring it to me. When you work with the energy and don't acknowledge its presence, but treat it as a slave, it will attempt to connect with you in ways that can be problematic. Arrogance has always been the human downfall, that and aggression. They asked me to tell you this?

Kris Allen said...

From one great to the next!