Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Scientist Cupcake

Yesterday, I received an intriguing package at work. A square box, marked "FRAGILE". Guesses in the lab ranged from "a mug" (about the right size, but far too light) to...something more sinister.

There was a sense of anti-climax when I opened the box to find that it was from the New Scientist.

Specifically, from the arm of their operation that deals with job adverts. I've placed a few ads with them in the past, and now they were touting for repeat business.

With a cupcake.

The enclosed note very kindly said that they're sending me "a little something in the post to sweeten up my day", but I was staggered by the amount of packaging it required. One cardboard box, a large sheet of bubble wrap, another small box (tied with ribbon), the cupcake itself (wrapped in plastic), and the note.

It certainly did its job, which was to get my attention, but I'm not sure the overall impression is what they intended.

I still ate it, though.


CatR said...

That certainly was a lot of packaging. Did it have any NS specific decoration?Fully expecting cupcake backlash soon, market is flooded with them!

Anonymous said...