Monday, June 20, 2011

Weeknote #39

Two weeks since the last weeknote, not too bad...

Angel and I have had the journal version of our population-based oscillator paper accepted by BioSystems; you can find a preprint version here.

Two new members have joined the Novel Computation Group; Jon Parkinson is an undergraduate who'll be working over the summer on ant colony optimisation, and Paul Robson is an M.Sc. student working on predation/avoidance strategies, using Matthew's SimZombie package.

This week we have an open day, followed by a day of Moodle training (...), followed by another day of professional development review training.

Naomi, Lindsey and myself popped over to Sheffield Hallam last week to talk at their Research Cafe. SHU and MMU were both successful in the same round of Bridging the Gaps funding from the EPSRC, and their Engineering for Life network shares similar features with our own NanoInfoBio project.

We managed to get over to Derbyshire at the weekend, for a fourth birthday party (and sneaky fathers' day celebration). Alice had a good go at the dino-pinata.

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