Sunday, March 13, 2005

Aliens in the Bible

I appear to have the distinction of being cited in a book titled "Aliens in the Bible". This is fantastic news. My Ph.D. thesis is noted in the references section, sandwiched in between two works titled "The Face on Mars" and "Giant Skeletons". I would draw your specific attention to the section dealing with "artificial intelligence in the Bible". The conclusions drawn are, of course, nonsense - I particularly like the implication in Section 1.6 that my work on "genetically created brains" (sic) may be thought of as an incremental step towards governmental imposition of The Mark of the Beast. Great. First barcodes, now this.

Martyn "668, Neighbour of the Beast" Amos

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Brian H said...

I guess, on the principle that "there's no such thing as bad publicity" . . . .

But beware these nutbars. They know no restraint or fear of either inanity or libel suits.