Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Followup: Lifewave Energy Patch

No, I'm not being sued, but there is a discussion of the "technology" of the Lifewave Patch on Yahoo! Groups.


CaptNano aka Michael McDonald said...

Hi Martyn,
As someone who has experienced the patch's effectiveness, I can testify that it works with amazing results. I'm a 62 year old who can use all the power, strength and endurance I can get.
Being heavily involved with Nanotechnology myself, I was also sceptical about the Nano claims. Then after digging into the studies and white paper that is on this site. It is clear why they mention it uses nanotechnology principals. So I would encourage & invite you to experience it for yourself. You can read the info at
The White Paper link is right under the movie box. Enjoy!!!
Michael McDonald aka CaptNano

Martyn Amos said...


I could write a white paper claiming that the moon is made of green cheese and post it on my web site, and it would be just as credible as the paper you have linked to. As far as I can gather, this "paper" simply rehashes the nonsense spouted on the website. Until it has been rigourously peer-reviewed, I am justified in treating it with suspicion.


Anonymous said...

Of course you can attack and doubt new technologies such as lifewave. You can also continue to take prescription drugs that do not cure, but only cover up and in most cases also experience side effects, or you can try new technologies with an open mind yourself and be the judge, not the critic.

Anonymous said...

wynsten at says:
It's a scam (and pyramid scam to boot). Everyone involved is either a scammer, a sucker, or a hard-head. No skin off my nose which you choose to be.

Anonymous said...

its not a scam, i have tested it myself and it works!
the energy enhancer makes me feel great, i feel so young even on my age. im already 38 and i feel much more younger than that..
and may i advice people if they were to comment onto something.. please make sense of it, and try it yourself berore posting some "hear-say" opinions :D

Anonymous said...

Nanotechnology my ass. The Lifewave website says that all of the patches are made according to Lifewave's patent application. Read the patent application (publication no. 20040057983). It's hilarious to anyone who ever took a high school science class. It says that the patches contain Grandma Molasses and Sioux Honey, and other forms of sugar (C6H12O6 in its various forms), in them. If that's nanotechnology in Michael's mind, then I suppose that drinking Coke constitutes using nanotechnology too because it too has sugar in it. I surmise that when Michael says that he is "heavily involved with Nanotechnology," that probably means that he has become very fat from drinking large quantities of Coke.