Thursday, February 10, 2005

Book: Cellular Computing

Cellular Computing, edited by Martyn Amos
Lead volume in the Systems Biology Series, Oxford University Press USA
Published August 2004, ISBN 0195155394.

The completion of the first draft of the human genome has led to an explosion of interest in genetics and molecular biology. The view of the genome as a network of interacting computational components is well-established, but researchers are now trying to reverse the analogy, by using living organisms to construct logic circuits. The potential applications for such technologies is huge, ranging from bio-sensors, through industrial applications to drug delivery and diagnostics. This book is the first to deal with the implementation of this technology, describing several working experimental demonstrations using cells as components of logic circuits, building toward computers incorporating biological components in their functioning.

Book website.

OK, so the book's been out for six months, but I've only just set up this blog, so I thought I'd give it a mention.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Prof Martyn Amos,
I have made a proposal that one evolves bacteria by giving them tools such as nano-technology can provide such as different types of nano-particles and then evolve them using training.

For the entire writeup on this please see the article:
Evolving Computation in Bacterial Collectives

in the general issue on intelligence in biology viz.

Erach Irani (erach27 at yahoo dot com)