Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nanotechnology blog

Even though Richard Jones beat me to "Soft Machines" ;), I highly recommend his excellent nanotechnology weblog. It seems that Richard and I share a common perspective on the future of (bio)nanotechnology.


William Knight said...

Heard about your blog from Richard Jones' blog at

He implied that you might be keeping us up to date on the
Protocell project
. Is that true, or will it pretty much happen through your general coverage of bio-computing?

I took a look at the TOC of your book on amazon. Molecular biology and computers are extremely interesting and complex fields in and of themselves, and now you have done us the service of compounding them.

Seriously though, I had always thought that practical bio-computing would require some kind of lab-on-a-chip capability where you have a bunch of microfluidic pumps and sensors that maintain individual cells in their own little wells or something like that.

Do you think that sort of thing is important for bio-computing and if so, how far off is that kind of capability?

Martyn Amos said...

Thanks for your comment - please see today's post for my thoughts on this.